Student Conference: Monstrous Identity (31.01.2024 and 07.02.2024)

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The conference features master students analyzing characters and narratives from various movies and literary works. Delving into the depths of these portrayals, we uncover the complexities of monstrosity in its diverse forms, offering fresh perspectives on classic and contemporary texts. Join us as we dissect and illuminate the intricate tapestry of monstrous identities within the realm of English literature.

Panel 1: Queerness (Chair: Anna Senchuk)
Panel 2: Eurocentric Strategies of Othering (Chair: Asli Özer)
Panel 3: Gender and Monstrosity (Chair: Dilara-Melissa Zwanzig)

The conference will take place on 31.01.2024 (Panel 1) and on 07.02.2024 (Panels 2 and 3) in Seminarraum 1.282 Juridicum, Schillerstraße 1, 91054 Erlangen, 10:15-12:45.

If you would like to attend, please send an e-mail to