B.A. English and American Studies

This comprehensive 3-year joint-honours-programme in English and American Studies can be combined with a wide variety of second subjects, including modern languages, media studies, political science, history and economics.

The programme covers all relevant areas of English and American Studies. It also allows students to specialize in one of five key areas: American Studies, British Studies, Cultural Studies, Linguistics or Literary Studies. It is also possible to work towards a General Studies degree.


The Study Guide BA English and American Studies (pdf, German) provides comprehensive information about the degree structure of the BA degree program, lists and explains all modules and gives practical information about exams.

Module Specifications BA English and American Studies (14 November 2021) (pdf, German) provides a detailed table of the prerequisites, learning objectives, work loads and examinations for each module.

Students specializing in American Studies can find a list of courses for Zwischenmodul I „Culture“, Import-Kombi-Modul Politics and Culture, Zwischenmodul II: Economics, Linguistics, History, Geography, Literature/Culture and Hauptmodul B: Literature/Culture here: (Winter term 2021-22; pdf)

There is a lot to learn in your first semester. Click here for an A to Z of the most important words, abbreviations and technical terms which you will encounter during your time at FAU, plus some useful links.

Finally, students majoring in English and American Studies will have to acquire study skills (‘Schlüsselqualifikationen’).

In order to study with us, you need to apply for a place, enrol at the university and successfully complete an aptitude test (English and American Studies only).

  1. Online Application: Portal campo
  2. Enrollment (Einschreibung)
  3. Aptitude Test (Eignungsfeststellungsverfahren)

Students who have already completed modules or seminars in English and American Studies at other universities, or in other degree programs, may receive credits for these courses. Please contact Dr. Harald Zapf for further information.

Almost all of our classes are taught in English. However, in order to study with us, you need to possess some degree of proficiency in German as well. For further information, click here.

The FAU Student Records Office (Studentenkanzelei) helps you with any general questions regarding studying at FAU. Data for all of the University’s students is managed here.

Our Online platforms for organising your studies help you to create your study plan, see your grades, download seminar notes, manage e-mail addresses, catch up on lectures on the video portal and much more.

‘Mein campus’ allows you to register for exams, check your grades, and print out your official documents and certificate of enrolment.