Class Enrollment

classroomGeneral: Mein Campus and OKTIS

Before you can attend a class, you must enroll in it online. You can sign up for classes in culture, literature, linguistics, and languages pedagogy via Mein Campus. For language classes, which are offered by the Language Center, please enroll via the OKTIS-system. The following information relates to Mein Campus only.

Login and Enrollment

Please use your student ID credentials (“IdM-Benutzerkennung” and password) to log into Mein Campus. Once logged in, the tab “Veranstaltungen” will give you an overview over all the classes you are currently enrolled in or have attended in past semesters (“Angemeldete Veranstaltungen”), all classes offered for your course of study (“Meinem Studiengang zugeordnete Veranstaltungen”), and all classes offered by the entire university (“Veranstaltungen der gesamten Universität”). To sign up for a class simply select it from the list of offered classes and click the “Anmelden” button. You will see a confirmation and should receive an e-mail confirming your enrollment. For further information on how to navigate Mein Campus, please refer to the pdf-tutorial for students (in English/in German). Please note that you can only register for classes during the enrollment period.

Enrollment Period

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, all classes will be taught online.

Enrollment for all classes starts on March 1, 7 pm for the summer term and on September 1, 7 pm for the winter term. Deadline for enrollment is always the Saturday after the first week of classes, 10 pm. Joining a class after this deadline is only possible, if the lecturer of the class registers you for it. Therefore, if you wish to sign up for a class after the enrollment period, you must contact the course lecturer directly. If you have decided not to attend a class after all, please disenroll from that class to free up spaces for other students.