EXPERT LAB with Gisela Ecker: Transitional Objects and the ‘Production of Locality’ (Jan. 25, 8.15-9.45 am, via Zoom)

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The seminar “Chinatowns and Little Indias” invites all interested students to an EXPERT LAB with Gisela Ecker.

Based on the short story “Mrs. Sen’s” from Jhumpa Lahiri’s short story collection “Interpreter of Maladies” (2000), we will ask how things and food produce “locality” in contexts of de- and reterritorialization (Arjun Appadurai). Additionally, we will explore various theoretical perspectives on “migrating objects” from the interdisciplinary field of Material Culture Studies (including Daniel Miller, David Parkin, Susan Leigh Star, James R. Griesemer, and Donald Winnicott).

Our guest: Gisela Ecker is an Emeritus Professor of “Comparative Literature and Cultural Studies” at the University of Paderborn. She has taught at the University of Sussex, the University of Cincinnati, the University of California/Berkeley, and Columbia University. Her fields of research include cultural automatisms, travel literature, Gender and Material Culture Studies.

Date: 25.01.2024, Time: 8.15-9.45

Please contact Prof. Dr. Claudia Lillge to register and to receive the Zoom link.