English and American Studies

Welcome to English and American Studies at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg!

We offer various degree programs, from Bachelor to Master and teaching degree programs. Find out about the department, the academic fields we cover, and get to know our staff.

Degree Programs

We offer various courses in English and American studies for beginning and advanced students:
BA English and American Studies
MA English Studies
MA North American Studies
MA The Americas / Las Américas

We also offer courses in teacher training for various school types:
Lehramt Gymnasium
Lehramt Unterrichtsfach (Grund-, Mittel-, Realschule)

Note: Beginning students in the B.A. degree program and the teacher training courses for English must take an aptitude test (Eignungsfeststellungsverfahren) before they can enrol in these degree programs. This is to ensure that language proficiency in English is at a level which will allow them to study successfully.

Registration for all classes offered by the Department of English and American Studies starts on Friday, September 9, at 7 pm. To find out more about how to choose classes, where to sign up for them, and known issues with the platform Campo, please see our page on class enrollment.

In a great success for researchers at the Department of English and American Studies, the German Research Foundation (DFG) has approved funding for two new research training groups: “Die Konstruktionsgrammatische Galaxis” and “Literatur und Öffentlichkeit in differenten Gegenwartskulturen.” The Con...

"Global Melodrama – Das Melodram im Weltkino" is a film series organized in cooperation with the Filmhaus Nürnberg. Starting May 20, the series features 10 films from classical Hollywood to contemporary melodrama. Introduced by renowned experts, the films will be shown in the original language versi...

In trauriger Anteilnahme verabschieden wir uns von unserem langjährigen Kollegen Prof. Dr. Dieter Meindl, der am 3. Februar 2022 leider verschieden ist. Viele von uns haben ihn als einen klugen, geistreichen und gelegentlich auch eigenwilligen Kollegen in Erinnerung, dessen Expertise im Bereich der ...