Erasmus Application

Guidelines for Applying to Study Abroad with ERASMUS+

Our department’s application process for Student Mobility with the Erasmus+ programme uses an online tool available between 15 December and 15 January.

On the next page, please enter all required information in the fields provided. In your letter of motivation, please include information about your academic subjects along with your reasons for wanting to study abroad and for wanting to study at your chosen host university. Places will be assigned through a merit-based system, with both past grades (in our English programme) and the quality of the letter of motivation taken into account. You can also include a simple ranked list of alternative choices from within our group of partner institutions; should you want to exclude one of our partners, please mention this in your letter. You are free to choose whether you want to write your letter in German or in English. In either case, please pay attention to both form and content. We recommend you work on versions of your letter on your computer and only upload the final pdf-file to our system once you have finalized your writing and editing. Your text should not exceed 600 words.

Please also note the following:

  • information about existing funding schemes (like BAFöG) or other applications (PAD, DAAD etc.) will have no impact on the selection process. We actually recommend that you apply through multiple channels (for instance via Erasmus programmes housed in other departments).
  • our partner programme with the UK (Birmingham) will continue at least for the 2022/23 cycle, despite the recent Brexit decision.
  • our partnerships with institutions in non-anglophone countries (Sweden, Norway, Belgium and Poland) are built on our partners’ substantial course offerings in English, allowing you to study a range of courses, often also beyond the English department.
  • upon your return from your study abroad experience, you can start the process of credit transfer for any course that is equivalent to modules as laid down in your FAU degree programme. For further information, please contact Dr. Harald Zapf (for courses in English and American Studies) and the respective departmental coordinator in any of your other subjects.
  • once you submit your application through the online tool, you will receive an automated response. Please refrain from submitting multiple applications: should you detect you have entered incorrect data, please contact the departmental Erasmus Coordinator (Prof. Dr. Gerd Bayer) directly.
  • Student Mobility offers will be sent out in three rounds:
    • first-round offers will be mailed by 31 January: acceptances have to be sent in by 10 February
    • second-round offers will be mailed by 15 February: acceptances have to be sent in by 20 February
    • third-round offers will be mailed by 23 February: acceptances have to be sent in by the end of February
    • any places not filled by then will be posted here, on this page. Students interested in these places should contact the departmental Erasmus Coordinator directly if and when such places are listed here.
  • there will not be any rejection letters: if you do not receive an offer by the end of the third round, your application was not successful.

If you receive and accept a Student Mobility offer, please contact the staff member listed in your offer letter to find out more about your host university and the process of registering there.

To go to the application form, please follow this link (only available between December 15 and January 15). To access the form, you will need a password: it is ‘study-abroad.22’ (case sensitive).