Literature and Culture: Great Britain (Prof. Feldmann)

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Office hours:

Office hours (summer term 2020):
Thur 11:30 (and by appointment)
off term
17 Mar, 12-13, and by appointment

Office hours:

Office Hours
Tue, Wed 9 am - 3.30 pm
Thu 9 am - 12 am

Dr. Sandra Dinter

Room: Room C4A3
Office hours:

Office Hours (summer term 2020):
Please contact me via email and we can arrange a Zoom meeting or phone appointment.

Office hours:

Office Hours (summer term 2020):
Tue 16:15-17:15
off term:
10 Feb 11-12:30, 17 Mar 11-11:30, 7 Apr 11-12:30, and by arrangement

Ronja Holzinger, M.A.

Room: Room C3A8
Office hours:

Office Hours:
please contact by mail

Office hours:

Office hours

please contact me (email) so that we can arrange to talk by phone or via Zoom.