Research Projects

DFG Project Anthony Ashley Cooper, Third Earl of Shaftesbury, Complete Works
The Shaftesbury Project is hosted by the FAU and funded, in conjunction with the university, by the German Research Foundation. Our principle aim is to produce a standard (printed) edition not only of the works sent to press by Shaftesbury during his lifetime, but also of his unpublished writings and of extant letters to and from the Earl.

Epistolary Culture in the English Restoration
This research project, funded by Fritz-Thyssen-Stiftung für Wissenschaftsforschung (2018-2020), joins together a range of aspects of early modern literary culture that will contribute significantly to how we understand the late seventeenth-century as a moment whose generic instability within the area of narrative prose fiction gave rise to various forms of experimentation and import from other genres and modes. For this research project, the main focus rests on matters related to epistolary media.


Supervision and Academic Mentoring

Current Postdoctoral Research Projects (Habilitationen) – Prof. Dr. Freiburg

  • Susanne Gruß: The Laws of Excess: Violent Law and Generic Violence on the Early Modern Stage (AT)


Current Dissertation Projects – Prof. Dr. Freiburg

  • Frederik Offen: Literatur und Demenz (AT)
  • Philipp Sonntag: Ethik und literarische Imagination bei Ian McEwan (AT)
  • Lydia Taylor: “From the Glorious Revolution to the Sexolution”: Die mediale Inszenierung von Geschlecht in den englischen Moralischen Wochenschriften The Tatler, The Spectator, The Guardian, The Female Tatler, The Female Spectator und The Female Guardian
  • Christoph Wursche: “Is the city then a state of mind” – Postmoderne narrative Strategien der Großstadtinszenierung bei Peter Ackroyd (AT)


Current Dissertation Projects – apl. Prof. Dr. Bayer

  • Oleksandr Kobrynskyy: A Poetics of Post-Holocaust Fiction (AT)
  • Christof Beer: Verortungen der britischen Jugend in Rockmusik und Drama nach 1956 (AT)


Current Dissertation Projects – PD Dr. Simone Broders

  • Eva Beck: “Who do you think I am?” Transmitting Identities Across Diegetic Borders
    in Contemporary British Novels with Child or Adolescent Narrators (AT)

Completed Projects – Postdoctoral Research and Dissertations

Supervision BA/MA Theses, Zulassungsarbeiten