Live Poetry! Translation, Transmission, Transgression

Hanan Issa and Hollie McNish
Hanan Issa (left) and Hollie McNish (right)

We are delighted to announce that the award-winning poets Hollie McNish and Hanan Issa will come to FAU for a poetry reading. The readings will take place at 5.30 pm on May 19 and June 23, respectively.

Hollie McNish, awarded with the Ted Hughes prize for Nobody Told Me in 2016, is an Instapoet with currently over 58,000 followers. Her lovely nature and the liberal feminist topics she chooses make her a very relatable and approachable poet.

The Welsh-Iraqi poet Hanan Issa has engaged in numerous collaborations and performances, amongst them BBC Wales and Seren Books. Her winning monologue “With Her Back Straight” was performed at Bush Theatre’s “Hijabi Monologues”. In her poetry, Hanan often reflects upon her heritage and her experiences as a woman of colour and weaves in questions of race, culture, history, and place.

We are looking forward to the performances and are excited to enter into discussion with the poets! If you want to join, please write an e-mail to to get access to the Zoom link.