Elodie Winckel

Elodie Winckel, M.A.

Department of English and American Studies
Lehrstuhl für Language und Cognition (Alexander von Humboldt-Professur)

Room: Room 3.004
Bismarckstr. 6
91054 Erlangen

About me

I am a postdoctoral researcher at the Chair of Language and Cognition of the Friedrich Alexander University Erlangen-Nuremberg, where I am currently working on literacy and language aptitude and their impact on fluency.

Research interests

I’m interested in syntactic complexity, and on the link between grammar and cognitive factors. I worked for a long time on so-called “islands” phenomena, i.e. constraints on fronting (especially “subjects islands”).

I have specialized in empirical work and I conduct corpus and experimental studies.


I got a PhD degree at the Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin and Université de Paris (as binational cotutelle) in 2021. My advisors were Prof. Stefan Müller & Prof. Anne Abeillé.

The title of my dissertation is French subject island: empirical and formal approaches.


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Winckel, Elodie & Anne Abeillé. 2020. French subject island constraint? A discourse-based HPSG account. Lingvisticae Investigationes 43(1), 95–128. URL = https://benjamins.com/catalog/li.00041.win

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Abeillé, Anne & Elodie Winckel. 2019. Extracting out of the subject in French: experimental evidence. In Proceedings of the First Workshop on Quantitative Syntax (Quasy, SyntaxFest 2019), 68–74. Paris, France: Association for Computational Linguistics.

Anne Abeillé, Bar­bara Hem­forth & Elodie Winckel. 2016. Les rel­a­tives en dont du français: études de cor­pus et expéri­men­tale, actes du CMLF 2016 – 5ème Congrès Mon­di­al de Lin­guis­tique Française.