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Librorum Anglicorum, Gallicorum, Italicorum, &c.
Bibliothecæ vizt.
Ægidiana, & Chelseyana Comitis
de Shaftesbury
Ægidiis Anno Aeræ Christianæ 1709.

[ACCADÉMIA DELLA CRUSCA, Florence.] Vocabolario. Venice, 1612. 2°

ACOSTA, Joseph. The natural and moral history of the East and West Indies, transl. E. Grimstone. London, 1604. 4°

[ADAMS, John.] Index Villaris, or, An exact register … of all the cities, market-towns, parishes … of England and Wales. London, 1690. 2°

ADDISON, Joseph. Remarks on several parts of Italy, &c. in the years 1701, 1702, 1703.”. London, 1705. 8°

[AGARD, Arthur.] The repertorie of records: remaining in the 4 treasuries on the receipt side at Westminster, ed. T. Powell. London, 1631. 4°

AITZEMA, Lieuwe van. Notable revolutions … in the United Provinces of the Netherlands in the years 1650 and 1651. London, 1653. 2°

ALEMÁN, Mateo. The rogue, or, The life of Guzman de Alfarache, transl. J. Mabbe. London, 1634. 2°

[ALLESTREE, Richard.] The gentlemans calling. London, 1660. 8°

[――.] The causes of the decay of Christian piety, or, An impartial survey of the ruines of Christian religion, undermin’d by unchristian practice. London, 1667. 8°

[ALSOP, Vincent.] Anti-sozzo, sive, Sherlocismus enervatus: in vindication of some great truths opposed, and opposition to some great errors maintained by W. Sherlock. London, 1675. 8°

ANDREWES, Lancelot. A summarie view of the government both of the Old and New Testament … whereunto is prefixed (as a preamble to the whole) a discovery of the causes of the continuance of these contentions touching church-government out of the fragments of Richard Hooker. Oxford, 1641. 4°

ANGELONI, Francesco (ed.). La historia augusta … illustrata con la verità dell’antiche medaglie … con … tratti dal tesoro delle medaglie della Regina Christina Augusta e descritti da Gio: Pietro Bellori. Rome, 1685 (2nd edn). 2°

ANNESLEY, Arthur, Earl of Anglesey. A letter from a person of honour in the countrey [A. Annesley], written to the Earl of Castlehaven. Being observations and reflections upon his Lordship’s Memorials concerning the wars of Ireland. London, 1681. 8°

[ANON.] A true and perfect relation of the whole proceedings against the late most barbarous traitors, Garnet a Iesuite, and his confederats. London, 1606. 4°

[ANON.] The practick part of the law: shewing the office of a compleat attorney. London, 1653. 8°

[ANON.] Discours d’un bourgeois de Paris sur les pouvoirs de Cardinal Chigi. London, 1665. 4°

[ANON.] Entretiens galans: ou, Conversations sur la solitude, le teste a teste, le bongout, la coqueterie, la mode, la musique, le jeu, les leüanges. Paris, 1681. 8°

[ANON.] Portraits de tous les rois de France: et un abbregé chronologique de leurs faits et gestes. [Paris, 1705?]. 2°

[ANON.] The claims of the people of England, essayed, in a letter from the country. London, 1701. 8°

[ANON.] An account of the conduct of the Roman-Catholick clergy and zealots of France, from the first toleration there of the Protestants, to their expulsion. London, 1710. 8°

[ARNAULD, Antoine and Pierre NICOLE.] Mustêrion tês anomias [Gk], that is, Another part of the mystery of Jesuitism, or, the new heresie of the Jesuites, transl. J. Evelyn. London, 1664. 8°

[――.] La logique ou L’art de penser. Amsterdam, 1685. 12°

ASCHAM, Anthony. A discourse: wherein is examined, what is particularly lawfull during the confusions and revolutions of government. London, 1649. 8°

ASHE, Thomas. Vn general table, a touts les seueral liures de les reports de le darreine tresreuerend iudge, Sir Edward Coke …. London, 1618. 8°

ASTELL, Mary. Bart’lemy fair, or, An enquiry after wit, in which due respect is had to A letter concerning enthusiasm, to my Lord ***. By Mr. Wotton. London, 1709. 8°

ATTERBURY, Francis. A large vindication of the doctrine contained in the sermon preach’d at the funeral of Mr. Thomas Bennet. London, 1707. 8° (Cf. SE II 4, 453-4 on the ‘future rewards’ dispute.)

――. Fourteen sermons … Together with a large vindication of the doctrine contain’d in the sermon preach’d at the funeral of Mr Thomas Bennet. London, 1708. 8° (Cf. a note in the Hampshire Record Office, Malmesbury Papers 9M73/G272/11: “This Book I keep for ye Sake of ye Accurate Collection made by ye Doctor in his Preface of those pretended Christian Notions of Human Happiness & Vertues, wch would have been a Scandal to ye Heathen World, & to ye very Schools of Epicurus & ye Antient Atheists.      Written by Ld S. at ye Beginning of a Vol: of Atterbury’s Sermons printed A. D. 1708”.)

[ATWOOD, William.] Jani Anglorum facies nova, or, Several monuments of antiquity touching the great councils of the kingdom and the court of the kings immediate tenants and officers: from the first of William the First, to the forty ninth of Henry the Third, reviv’d and clear’d. London, 1680. 8°

――. Jus Anglorum ab antiquo, or, A confutation of an impotent libel against the government by kings, lords, and commons: under pretence of answering Mr. Petyt, and the author of Jani Anglorum facies nova, etc. London, 1681. 8°

AUBERY, Jean. Les bains de Bourbon Lancy, et Larchanbaû. Paris, 1604. 8°

AUSTEN, Ralph. A treatise of fruit-trees. Oxford, 1657. 4°

B., J. [= Janata BANK?] The Filacers Office, or, The measne processe filacers make out before appearance, the nature and forms of their several writs, and the manner of their proceedings thereupon. Together with a table of their fees. London, [1657]. 8°

BACON, Francis. The historie of the raigne of King Henry the Seventh. London, 1622. 2°

――. Sylua syluarum, or, A naturall historie. London, 1635. 2°

――. The historie of the raigne of King Henry the Seventh. London, 1641. 2°

――. Resuscitatio, or, Bringing into publick light severall pieces of the works, civil, historical, philosophical, & theological, hitherto sleeping, ed. W. Rawley. London, 1657. 2°

―― and Francis GODWIN. The historie of the reigns of [Bacon] Henry the Seventh, [Godwin] Henry the Eighth, Edward the Sixth, and Queen Mary. London, 1676. 2°

BACON, Nathaniel. A historicall discourse of the uniformity of the government of England. London, 1647. 4°

BAGSHAW, Edward. The rights of the crown of England. London, 1660. 8°

BAKER, Sir Richard. A chronicle of the kings of England. London, 1643. 2°

――. [Another edition.] London, 1665. 2°

――. [Another edition.] London, 1670. 2°

BALZAC, Jean Louis Guez, Seigneur de. The letters, transl. W. Tyrwhit. London, 1638. 4°

――. The French favorites, or, The seventh discourse of Balzac’s Politicks, transl. B. Kennett. London, 1709. 8°

BARBA, Alvaro Alonso. The first book of the Art of Mettals, transl. E. Montagu, Earl of Sandwich. London, 1670. 8°

BARLOW, Thomas (Bishop of Lincoln). Popery, or, The principles and positions approved by the Church of Rome (when really believ’d and practis’d) are very dangerous to all, and to Protestant kings & supreme powers, more especially pernicious, etc. London, 1679. 8°

――. Brutum fulmen, or, The bull of Pope Pius V concerning the damnation, excommunication, and deposition of Q. Elizabeth … with some observations and animadversions. London, 1681. 4°

BARON, Jules. L’art héraldique. Paris, 1687. 8°

BARROW, Isaac. The duty and reward of bounty to the poor. London, 1671. 8°

BASIRE, Isaac. Deo et ecclesiae sacrum. Sacriledge arraigned by St Paul. London, 1668 (2nd edn). 8°

BASSOMPIERRE, François de. Memoires. Cologne [Netherlands], 1665. 12°

BATE, John. The mysteryes of nature, and art. London, 1635. 4°

BAXTER, Richard. Catholick theologie. London, 1675. 2°

――. An abridgement of Mr Baxter’s History of his life and times, ed. Edward Calamy. London, 1702. 8°

BAYLE, Pierre. Dictionaire. Rotterdam, 1702. 2°

――. A philosophical commentary on these words of the Gospel, Luke xiv. 23. London, 1708. 8°

――. Miscellaneous reflections occasion’d by the comet which appear’d in December 1680, transl. [probably P. Des Maizeaux]. London, 1708. 8°

――. Nouvelles de la République des Lettres. Amsterdam, 1684 ff. (7 vols). 12°

BEAUMONT, Francis and John FLETCHER. Fifty comedies and tragedies. London, 1679. 2°

BEAUPLAN, Guillaume Le Vasseur. Description d’Ukranie. Rouen, 1660. 4°

BENTIVOGLIO, Guido, Cardinal. Memorie, overo, diario. Venice, 1648. 4°

――. The history of the warrs of Flanders …, transl. Henry Carey, Earl of Monmouth. London, 1678. 2°

BERNIER, François. The history of the late revolution of the empire of the Great Mogol, transl. H. Oldenburg. London, 1671. 8°

[BERTI, Michele.] L’art d’enseigner la langue françoise, par le moyen de l’italienne, ou la langue italienne par la françoise. Bologna, 1687. 12°

BESONGNE, Nicolas. Le parfait estat de la France, comme elle est gouvernée à présent. Paris, 1656. 8°

――. L’état de la France: ou l’on voit tous les princes, ducs & pairs, marêchaux de France, & autres officiers de la couronne, etc. Paris, 1677. 12°

――. The present state of France: conteining the orders, dignities, and charges of that kingdom, transl. R. Wolley. London, 1671. 12°

BETHEL, Slingsby. The providences of God, observed through several ages, towards this nation, in introducing the true religion. London, 1697. 8°

BETHUNE, Philippe de. Il consigliere di stato ouero raccolta delle considerationi piu generali intorno al maneggio de pubblici affari, transl. [French to Italian] M. Ziccatta. Venice, 1646. 4°

BEVERIDGE, William. Private thoughts upon religion. London, 1709. 8°

BIBLE. La Bible qui est toute la Saincte Escriture du Vieil et Nouveau Testament autrement l’Ancienne et la Nouvelle Alliance. La Rochelle, 1616. 8°

――. The Holy Bible. Cambridge, 1660. 2°

――. The Holy Bible. Oxford, 1683. 4°

BIONDI, Giovanni Franceso. An history of the civill warres of England. London, 1641. 2°

[BIRD, William.] A treatise of the nobilitie of the realme. London, 1642. 8°

BLACKMORE, Sir Richard. A paraphrase on the Book of Job. London, 1700. 2°

BLITH, Walter. The English improver. London, 1652. 4°

BLOME, Richard. A geographical description of the four parts of the world, taken from the notes & workes of the famous Monsieur Sanson, geographer to the French king, and other eminent travellers and authors. London, 1670. 2°

――. Britannia, or, A geographical description of the kingdom of England, Scotland and Ireland. London, 1673. 2°

――. Cosmography and geography [from Bernhardus Varenius and Nicolas Sanson]. London, 1683. 2°

[BLOUNT, Charles.] Anima mundi, or, An historical narration of the opinions of the ancients concerning mans soul after this life. Amsterdam [?], anno Mundi 00000 [?]. 8°

BLOUNT, Thomas. Glossographia. London, 1661. 8°

――. Nomo-lexicon [Gk.]: a law-dictionary. London, 1670. 2°

[――.] Animadversions upon Sir Richard Baker’s chronicle and its continuation. Oxford, 1672. 8°

BLUNDEVILLE, Thomas. The fower chiefyst offices belongyng to horsemanshippe. London, either [1566], [1570] or [1593]. 4°

BOATE, Gerard. Irelands naturall history, ed. Samuel Hartlib. London, 1652. 8°

BOCCALINI, Traiano. I ragguagli di Parnasso. London, 1656. 2°

――. I ragguagli di Parnasso. London, 1674. 2°

――. Advices from Parnassus, ed. J. Hughes. London, 1706. 2°

BOILEAU, Gilles. The life and philosophy of Epictetus. With The embleme of humane life by Cebes, transl. J. Davies. London, 1670. 8°

[BOILEAU-DESPRÉAUX, Nicolas.] Œuvres diverses du Sieur D***: avec [Longinus,] le Traité du sublime ou du merveilleux. Amsterdam, 1677. 12°

BOLRON, Robert. The narrative of R.B., … concerning the late horrid Popish plot. London, 1680. 2°

[BORLACE, Edmund.] The history of the execrable Irish rebellion. London, 1680. 2°

BOTERO, Giovanni. Relations of the most famous kingdomes and common-wealths thorowout the world, transl [R. Johnson]. London, 1630. 4°

――. Le relationi universali. Venice, 1640. 4°

[BOUHOURS, Dominique.] Les entretiens d’Ariste et d’Eugene. Amsterdam, 1682. 12°

[――.] La manière de bien penser dans les ouvrages d’esprit. Amsterdam, 1688. 12°

BOUSSINGAULT, Adam. La guide universelle de tous les Pays-Bas … de plus … une description … de la ville de Paris. Paris, 1665. 12°

BOYER, Abel. The royal dictionary [French-English, English-French]. The Hague, 1702. 4°

――. Royal Dictionary abridged. London, 1708. 8°

BOYLE, Robert. Some motives and incentives to the love of God [running title: Seraphick Love]. London, 1659. 8°

――. A general history of the air. London, 1692. 4°

[BRADY, Robert.] A full answer to a book, written by William Petyt Esq. printed in the year 1680: by which it appears, that he hath mistaken the meaning of the histories and records he hath cited … together with some animadversions upon a book, called, Jani anglorum facies nova. London, 1681. 8° (See Petyt, The antient right of the Commons of England asserted and [Atwood] 1680.)

BRAMHALL, John. Castigations of Mr. Hobbes his last animadversions …. London, 1658. 8°

BREREWOOD, Edward. Enquiries touching the diuersity of languages, and religions, through the chiefe parts of the world. London, 1622. 4°

――. A learned treatise of the Sabaoth, written … to Mr. Nicholas Byfield, preacher in Chester. With Mr. Byfields answere and Mr. Brerewoods reply. Oxford, 1630. 4°

BRICE, Germain. Description nouvelle de ce qu’il y a de plus remarquable dans la ville de Paris. Paris, 1687. 8°

[BRITTON, John le.] Britton, ed. E. Wingate. London, 1640. 8°

BROWNE, John. A compleat treatise of the muscles … with diverse anatomical observations. London, 1681. 2°

BUCHANAN, George. The history of Scotland, transl. anon. London, 1690. 2°

BUCK, George. The history of the life and reigne of Richard the Third. London, 1647. 2°

BURNET, Gilbert. The mystery of iniquity unvailed. London, 1673. 8°

―― and Edward STILLINGFLEET. A relation of a conference, held about religion, at London, the third of April, 1676. London, 1676. 8°

――. The memoirs of the lives and actions of James and William, Dukes of Hamilton and Castleherald. London, 1677. 2°

――. Some passages of the life and death of the Right Honourable John Earl of Rochester. London, 1680. 8°

――. History of the Reformation [I and II]. London, 1679; 1681. 2°

――. The history of the rights of princes in the disposing of ecclesiastical benefices and church-lands. London, 1682. 8°

――. A collection of several tracts and discourses. London, [1685]. 4°

――. Reflections on Mr. Varillas’s history of the revolutions that have happened in Europe in matters of religion. Amsterdam, 1686. 12°

――. Some letters containing an account of what seemed most remarkable in Switzerland, Italy, etc. Rotterdam, 1686. 8°

――. A collection of eighteen papers, relating to the affairs of church & state, during the reign of King James the Second. London, 1689. 4°.

――. Discourse of the pastoral care. London, 1692. 8°

――. Exposition of the thirty-nine articles of the Church of England. London, 1705. 2°

BURROUGHS, Sir John. The soveraignty of the British seas. London, 1651. 12°

CAESAR, Julius. The commentaries, transl. C. Edmonds. London, 1655. 2°

――. [Another edition.] London, 1677. 2°

[CALAMY, Edmund et al.] Jus divinum ministerii evangelici, or, The divine right of the Gospel-ministry. London, 1654. 4°

CALAMY, Edmund (son). A defence of moderate non-conformity. London, 1703-05. 8°

CALDERWOOD, David. The true history of the Church of Scotland. [Edinburgh?], 1678. 2°

[CALLIÈRES, François de.] Histoire poëtique de la guerre nouvellement déclarée entre les anciens et les modernes. Amsterdam, 1688. 12°

CALLIS, Robert. The reading of … R.C. … upon the statute of 23 H. 8. cap. 5. of sewers. London, 1647. 4°

CAMDEN, William. Britain, or, A chorographicall description of … England, Scotland, and Ireland, transl. P. Holland. London, 1637. 2°

――. Remaines concerning Britaine. London, 1637. 4°

――. [Another edition.] London, 1674. 8°

――. The historie of the most renowned and victorious princesse Elizabeth, late Queene of England. London, 1675. 2°

――. Britain, etc. London, 1695. 2°

CAPOCIO CUCCIONO BERARDI, Francesco. Agrippina minore. Venice, 1647. 4°

CAPRIATA, Pietro Giovanni. Dell’ historia di P.G.C. libri dodici. Genua, 1638-1663. 4°

CARADROC of Llancarvan. The historie of Cambria, now called Wales, transl. H. Lhoyd. London, 1584. 4°

[CARE, Henry.] The weekly pacquet of advice from Rome, or, The history of popery. London, 1679. 4°

CAREW, George. A retrospect into the kings certain revenue. London, 1661. 2°

――. Fraud and violence discovered and detected, or, A remonstrance of the interessed in the ships ‘Bona Esperanza’ and ‘Henry Bona Adventura’ of London. London, 1662. 2°

――. Reports and causes in Chancery. London, 1665. 8°

CAREW, Richard. The survey of Cornwall. London, 1602. 4°

CARLETON, George. Iurisdiction regall, episcopall, papall. London, 1610. 4°

CARPENTER, Nathanael. Geography. Oxford, 1635. 4°

[CARROLL, William.] Spinoza reviv’d … To which is added, A preliminary discourse relating to the said books, By the Reverend Dr. George Hicks. London, 1709. 8°

CARTER, Matthew. Honor redivivus. London, 1673. 8°

CAVE, William. Primitive Christianity. London, 1676. 8°

[CERDAN, Jean-Paul, Comte de.] Europe a slave, unless England break her chains: discovering the grand designs of the French-Popish party in England for several years past. London, 1681. 12°

CHAMBERLAYNE, Edward. Angliae notitia, or, The present state of England. London, 1669. 12°

CHAMBERLAYNE, Peregrine Clifford. Compendium geographicum, or, A more exact, plain, and easie introduction into all geography. London, 1682. 12°

CHARLES I. Basiliká: The works of King Charles the Martyr, ed. W. Fulman and R. Perrinchief. London, 1687. 2°

CHAUCER, Geoffrey. The workes. London, 1602. 2°

CHILLINGWORTH, William. The religion of Protestants a safe way to salvation. Oxford, 1638. 2°

――. [Another edition.] London, 1664. 2°

CHURCHILL, Winston. Divi Britannici, being a remarke upon the lives of all the kings of this isle. London, 1675. 2°

CLEIRAC, Estienne. Vs et coustumes de la mer. Bourdeaux, 1661. 4°

[CLIFFORD, Martin.] A treatise of humane reason. London, 1675. 12°

[COOKE, Sir Edward.] Argumentum anti-Normannicum, or, An argument proving … that William, Duke of Normandy, made no absolute conquest of England by the sword. London, 1682. 8°

[COLBERT, Jean Baptiste.] Monsieur Colbert’s Ghost, or, France without bounds. Cologne [Netherlands], 1684. 12°

COLIGNY, Gaspard de, Seigneur de Châtillon. Mémoires. Paris, 1665. 12°

COLLIER, Jeremy. A short view of the immorality and profaneness of the English stage. London, 1698. 8°

COLLINGES, John. A new lesson for the indoctus doctor … containing a vindication of a book called Indoctus Doctor Edoctus. London, 1654. 4°

――. Provocator provocatus. London, 1654. 4°

COLLINS, Arthur. The peerage of England. London, 1710. 8° (? Crell’s entry: “WALKER’S Peerage of England. London 1710.”)

COLLINS, John. Geometricall dyalling. London, 1659. 4°

――. The mariners plain scale new plain’d. London, 1659. 4°

――. The sector on a quadrant. London, 1659. 4°

[COMBER, Thomas.] Friendly and seasonable advice to the Roman-Catholicks of England. London, 1674. 12°

COMINES, Philippe de. The historie of Philip de Commines, transl. [T. Danett]. London, 1614. 2°

――. The memoirs, transl. D. Godefroy. London, 1674. 8°

[COMMISSIONERS OF CUSTOMS.] The rates of marchandizes. London, 1635. 4°

CONDÉ, Henri II de Bourbon, prince de. Voyage de monsieur le Prince de Condé en Italie. Paris, 1666. 12°

[COOPER, Anthony Ashley, third Earl of Shaftesbury.] An inquiry concerning virtue, in two discourses. London, 1699. 8°

[――.] A letter concerning enthusiasm. London, 1708. 8°

[――.] Lettre sur l’Entousiasme. Traduite de l’Anglois. The Hague, 1709. 12°

[――.] The moralists, a philosophical rhapsody. London, 1709. 8°

[――.] Sensus communis etc. London, 1709. 8°

[――.] Essai sur l’usage de la raillerie et de l’enjoument dans les conversations qui roulent sur les matières les plus importantes. The Hague, 1710. 12°

[――.] Soliloquy, or, Advice to an author. London, 1710. 8°

CORYATE, Thomas. Coryats Crudities hastily gobled up in five moneths travells in France, Savoy, Italy. London, 1611. 4°

COSIN, Richard. An apology of, and for sundrie proceedings by iurisdiction ecclesiasticall of late times by some challenged. London, [1593]. 4°

COTGRAVE, Randle. A dictionarie of the French and English tongues. London, 1660. 2°

COTTON, Sir Robert Bruce. Cottoni posthuma. London, 1672. 8°

――. An answer to such motives as were offer’d … to Prince Henry, inciting him to affect arms more than peace, London, 1675 (2nd edn). 8°

COULON, Louis. Le fidèle conducteur pour le voyage de France, d’Angleterre, d’Allemagne et d’Espagne. Paris, 1654. 8°

[COURTILZ DE SANDRAS, Gatien de.] Nouveaux intérêts des princes de l’Europe, ou l’on traite des maximes qu’ils doivent observer pour se maintenir dans leurs états. Cologne [The Hague], 1685. 12°

COWELL, John. The interpreter, or, Booke containing the signification of words. London, 1637. 4°

COWLEY, Abraham. The works. London, 1668. 2°

[CROUCH, Nathaniel.] The secret history of the four last monarchs of Great Britain: viz., James I, Charles I, Charles II, James II. London, 1691. 12°

CUDWORTH, Ralph. The true intellectual system of the universe. London, 1678. 2°

DALLINGTON, Sir Robert. Aphorismes civill and militarie. London, 1629 (2nd edn). 2°

[DALLISON, Charles.] The royalist’s defence. [London], 1648. 4°

DALTON, Michael. Officium vicecomitum. The office and authoritie of sherifs. London, 1623. 2°

――. The countrey justice. London, 1643. 4°

DANGERFIELD, Thomas. The information of Thomas Dangerfield, Gent. delivered at the bar of the House of Commons. London, 1680. 2°

DANIEL, Samuel. The first part of the historie of England. London, 1621. 2°

――. The first part of the historie of England. London, 1650. 2°

DASSIÉ, F. L’architecture navale [with Le Routier des Indes]. Paris, 1677. 4°

D’AVENANT, William. The works. London, 1673. 2°

DAVILA, Enrico Caterino. The historie of the civill warres of France, transl. C. Cotterell, W. Aylesbury. London, 1647. 2°

DEBES, Lucas Jacobsøn. Færoœ, & Fœroa reserata, transl. J. Sterpin. London, 1676. 12°

[DE LA COURT, Pieter.] Fables moral and political, with large explications. Translated from the Dutch. London, 1703. 8°

DELLA VALLE, Pietro. The travels of Sig. Pietro della Valle, a noble Roman, into East-India and Arabia Deserta. London, 1665. 2°

――. Viaggi di Pietro della Valle il pellegrino, descritti da lui medesimo in lettere familiari. Venice, 1681. 12°

DENTON, William. Jus Caesaris et ecclesiae vere dictae, or, A treatise of independency, presbytery, the power of kings, and of the church. London, 1681. 2°

DESCARTES, René. Les passions de l’âme. Paris, 1679. 12°

DE SILVA Y FIGUEROA, García. L’ambassade de d. Garcias de Silva Figueroa en Perse: contentant la politique de ce grand empire, les mœurs du Roy Schach Abbas …, transl. A. de Wicqfort. Paris, 1667. 4°

DES MAIZEAUX, Pierre. The life of Mr Bayle. In a letter to a peer of Great Britain. London, 1708. 8° (The peer is Shaftesbury.)

――. La Vie de Messire Charles de Saint-Denis, sieur de Saint-Évremond. London, 1709 (2nd edn). 4°

DES MARTINS. L’expérience de l’architecture militaire. Paris, 1687 (2nd edn). 12°

D’ESTE, Hippolito, Cardinal of Ferrara. Négociations, ou lettres d’affaires ecclésiastiques et politiques escrittes au pape Pie IV., et au Cardinal Borromée, transl. [I. Baudoin]. Paris, 1658. 4°

DIGGES, Dudley. The unlawfulness of subjects taking up armes against their soveraigne. [London], 1647. 4°

DIGGES, Leonard. Stratioticos. London, 1579. 4°

[DILLY, Antoine.] De l’ame des bêtes: ou apres avoir demontré la spiritualité de l’ame de l’homme, l’on explique par la seule machine, les actions les plus surprenantes des animaux. Lyon, 1676. 12°

D., W. [= William DISNEY.] Nil dictum quod non dictum prius, or, A transcript of government considered as it is in the state of nature or religion. London, 1681. 8°

DODDRIDGE, John. The antiquity and power of parliaments in England. London, 1679. 8°

DOGLIONI, Giovanni Nicolò. Le cose notabili, et marauigliose della città di Venetia. Venice, 1675. 12°

DOLEMAN, R. [pseud.] A conference about the next succession to the crowne of Ingland, divided into two partes. [Antwerp], 1594. 8°

――. A conference about the next succession to the crowne of Ingland, divided into two partes. [London], 1681. 8°

DONNE, John. Pseudo-martyr. London, 1610. 4°

――. LXXX sermons. London, 1640. 2°

――. Poems, &c. In the Savoy [London], 1669. 8°

DONNEAU DE VISÉ, Jean. IV., et dernière partie du Voyage des ambassadeurs de Siam en France. Paris, 1687. 12°

DRING, Thomas. A catalogue of the lords, knights, and gentlemen that have compounded for their estates. London, 1655. 8°

DUBOURDIEU, Jean Armand. Dissertation historique & critique sur le martyre de la légion Thebéene, avec l’histoire du martyre de cette légion attribuée à Saint Eucher. Amsterdam, 1705. 12°

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――. A true narrative of the horrid plot and conspiracy of the Popish party against the life of his Sacred Majesty, the government, and the Protestant religion. London, 1679. 2°

――. The witch of Endor. London, 1679. 2°

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――. Africa, being an accurate description of the regions of Aegypt, Barbary, Lybia, and Billedulgerid, the land of Negroes, Guinee, Aethiopia and the Abyssines, etc. London, 1670. 2°

――. America: being the latest, and most accurate description of the new world: containing the original of the inhabitants, and the remarkable voyages thither, the conquest of the vast empires of Mexico and Peru, etc. London, 1671. 2° (Bound up with Africa?)

[OLDISWORTH, William.] A dialogue between Timothy and Philatheus: In which the principles and projects of a late whimsical book, intituled, The rights of the Christian Church, &c., are fairly stated, and answered in their kind. London, 1709. 8°

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――. A miscellany of sundry essayes, paradoxes, and problematicall discourses, letters and characters: together with politicall deductions from the history of the Earl of Essex executed under Queen Elizabeth. London, 1659. 12°

――. The works … divine, moral, historical, political. London, 1673. 8°

OVID and VIRGIL. Ouids Metamorphosis Englished, mythologiz’d, and represented in figures. An essay to the translation of Virgil’s Aeneis, transl. G. Sandys. Oxford, 1632. 2°

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――. An enquiry into the original nature … and communion of Evangelical Churches. London, 1681. 4°

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[――.] A defence and continuation of the Ecclesiastical politie. London, 1671. 8°

[――.] A Reproof to the Rehearsal transprosed, in a discourse to its author. London, 1673. 8°

PARKINSON, John. Theatrum botanicum: The theater of plants, or, An herball of a large extent, etc. London, 1640. 2°

――. Paradisi in sole, paradisus terrestris, or, A garden of all sorts of pleasant flowers which our English ayre will permitt to be noursed up, etc. London, 1629. 2°

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[――.] A friendly debate between a conformist and a non-conformist. London, 1669. 8°

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――. Two sermons: one against murmuring, the other against censuring: preached at St. Paul’s Covent-Garden. London, 1689. 4°

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――. The constitution of parliaments in England. London, 1680. 8°

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――. Miscellanea parliamentaria: containing presidents, 1. of freedom from arrests. 2. of censures, etc. London, 1680. 8°

PHILALETHES [= James TYRRELL]. Patriarcha non monarcha: The patriarch unmonarch’d: being observations on a late treatise and divers other miscellanies, published under the name of Sir Robert Filmer. London, 1681. 8°

PHILALETHES [= Richard MAYHEW]. Sichah, or, A tract of meditation upon three sections. London, 1682. 8°

PHILANGLUS [= William PETYT]. Britannia languens, or, A discourse of trade. London, 1680. 8°

PHILARETUS ANTHROPOPOLITA. Some seasonable remarks upon the deplorable fall of the Emperour Julian: with an epistle of his to the citizens of Bostra. Now made English. London, 1681. 4°

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PHILLIPPES, Henry. The purchasers pattern. London, 1656. 12°

PHILIPPS, Fabian. Tenenda non tollenda, or, The necessity of preserving tenures in capite and by knight-service. London, 1660. 4°

――. The antiquity, legality, reason, duty and necessity of prae-emption and pourveyance, for the King, or, Compositions for his pourveyance. London, 1663. 4°

――. Regale necessarium, or, The legality, reason, and necessity of the rights and priviledges justly claimed by the Kings servants. London, 1671. 4°

――. The reforming registry, or, A representation of the very many mischeifs and inconveniences which will unavoidably happen by the needless, chargeable, and destructive way of registries proposed to be erected in every county of England and Wales. London, 1671. 4°

PHILLIPS, Edward. The new world of words, or, A general English dictionary. London, 1671. 2°

PHILLIPS, William. Studii legalis ratio, or, Directions for the study of the law. London, 1667. 12°

PITHOYS, Claude [= Jean Pierre CAMUS]. L’Apocalypse de Meliton. Ou Reuelation des mysteres cenobitiques par Meliton. Sainct Leger [Sedan], 1668. 12°

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PLUTARCH with SENECA and EPICTETUS. Les morales de Plutarque, Seneque, Socrate et Epictete, transl. J. Desmarets de Saint-Sorlin. Paris, 1655. 12°

PLUTARCH. Traitté de la superstition, transl. T. Le Fèvre. Saumur, 1666. 12°

――. The third volume of Plutarch’s Lives, translated from the Greek by several hands. London, 1684. 8°

PLUVINEL, Antoine de and René de Menou, Seigneur de CHARNIZAY. L’escuyer françois contenant l’exercice de monter à cheval. Paris, 1671. 8°

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PONET, John. An apologie fully aunsweringe by Scriptures and aunceant doctors, a blasphemose book gatherid by D. Steph. Gardiner … and other papists. [Strasbourg], 1556. 8°

POOLE, Matthew. A dialogue between a Popish priest and an English Protestant. London, 1672. 12°

POWELL, Thomas. The attourney’s academy, or, The manner and forme of proceeding practically upon any suite, plaint or action whatsoever in any court of record whatsoever, within this kingdome. London, 1630. 4°

PRANCE, Miles. A true narrative and discovery of several very remarkable passages relating to the horrid Popish plot. London, 1679. 2°

PRIDEAUX, Mathias. An easy and compendious introduction for reading all sorts of histories. Oxford, 1682. 4°

PRIMATT, Stephen. The city & country purchaser & builder. London, either [1667?] or 1680 (second edition, ed. W. Leybourne). 8°

PRYNNE, William. The fourth part of The soveraigne power of parliaments and kingdomes. London, 1643. 4°

――. A plea for the lords, and House of Peers, or, A full, necessary, seasonable, enlarged vindication, of the just, antient hereditary right of the lords, peers, and barons of this realm to sit, vote, judge in all the parliaments of England. London, 1658. 4°

――. The first part of a brief register, kalendar and survey of the several kinds, forms of all parliamentary writs. London, 1659. 4°

――. A short sober pacific examination of some exuberances in, and ceremonial appurtenances to the Common prayer, etc. London, 1661. 4°

――. An exact chronological vindication and historical demonstration of our British, Roman, Saxon, Danish, Norman, English kings supream ecclesiastical jurisdiction over all prelates, persons, causes, within their kingdomes and dominions. London, 1666. 2°

――. Aurum reginae, or, A compendious tractate, and chronological collection of records in the Tower, and Court of Exchequer concerning queen-gold. London, 1668. 4°

――. Brief animadversions on, amendments of, & additional explanatory records to, the fourth part of the Institutes of the lawes of England … compiled by the late famous lawyer Sir Edward Cooke, etc. London, 1669. 2°

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RAGUENET, François. Parallèle des Italiens et des Français en ce qui regarde la musique et les opéras. Amsterdam, 1702. 12°

[RALEIGH, Walter.] The history of the world. London, 1614. 2°

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RANCHIN, Guillaume. A review of the Councell of Trent, transl. G. Langbaine. Oxford, 1638. 2°

[RAPIN, René.] Reflections upon the eloquence of these times, particularly of the barr and the pulpit, transl. [?]. London, 1672. 8°

――. The comparison of Plato and Aristotle, transl. J. Dancer. London, 1673. 8° (Also contains Dancer’s translation of Charles Marguetel de Saint Denis, Seigneur de SAINT-ÉVREMOND, Judgement on Alexander & Caesar.)

RATHBONE, Aaron. The surveyor. London, 1616. 2°

REA, John. Flora, seu, De florum cultura, or, A complete florilege, furnished with all requisites belonging to a florist. London, 1665. 2°

RICHELIEU, Armand Jean du Plessis, Duc de. Journal de Monsieur le Cardinal Duc de Richelieu. Paris, 1665. 12°

RIDLEY, Thomas. A view of the civile and ecclesiasticall law: and wherein the practice of them is streitned and may be relieved within this land. Oxford, 1662. 8°

[RIDPATH, George.] An historical account of the ancient rights and power of the Parliament of Scotland … to which is prefix’d a short introduction upon government in general. [Edinburgh?], 1703. 4°

RIPA, Cesare. Iconologia, of uytbealdingen des verstands. Amsterdam, 1644. 4°

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――. A grand abridgment of the common and statute law of England. London, 1675. 4°

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――. A discourse concerning the idolatry practised in the Church of Rome, and the danger of salvation in the communion of it. London, 1671. 8°

――. A second discourse in vindication of the Protestant grounds of faith, against the pretence of infallibility in the Roman Church. London, 1673. 8°

――. An answer to Mr. Cressy’s Epistle apologetical to a person of honour touching his vindication of Dr. Stillingfleet. London, 1675. 8°

――. A defence of the Discourse concerning idolatry practised in the Church of Rome, in answer to a book entituled, Catholicks no idolaters. London, 1676. 8°

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[――.] A light shining out of darknes, or, Occasional queries submitted to the judgment of such as would enquire into the true state of things in our times … with a brief apologie for the Quakers, that they are not inconsistent with a magistracy. London, 1659. 4°

――. The plus ultra reduced to non plus, or, A specimen of some animadversions upon the Plus ultra of Mr. Glanvill, wherein sundry errors of some virtuosi are discovered, the credit of the Aristotelians in part re-advanced. London, 1670. 4°

――. A justification of the present war against the Vnited Netherlands. London, 1673. 4°

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TAYLOR, Jeremy. The real presence and spirituall of Christ in the blessed sacrament proved against the doctrine of transubstantiation. London, 1654. 8°

――. The rule and exercises of holy living, bound up with The rule and exercises of holy dying. London, 1654/55. 12°

――. Symbolon êthiko-polemikon [Gk], or, A collection of polemical and moral discourses. London, 1657. 2°

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――. The rule and exercises of holy living. London, 1663. 8°

――. A dissuasive from popery. London, 1664. 8°

TAYLOR, Nathanael. A preservative against deism: Shewing the great advantage of revelation above reason, in the two great points, pardon of sin, and a future state of happiness, etc. London, 1698. 8°

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――. Memoirs of what past in Christendom, from the war begun in 1672 to the peace concluded 1679. London, 1709. 8°

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――. The works … containing fifty four sermons and discourses, on several occasions. Together with ‘The rule of faith’. London, 1707. 2°

TIMSON, John. The bar to free admission to the Lords Supper removed, or, A vindication of Mr. Humfreys free admission to the sacrament of the Lords Supper, etc. London, 1654. 8°

[TINDAL, Matthew.] An essay concerning the power of the magistrate and the rights of mankind in matters of religion. London, 1697. 8°

[――.] The rights of the Christian church asserted. London, 1706. 8°

[――.] A defence of the rights of the Christian church. London, 1707. 8°

[――.] Four discourses [Of obedience to the supreme powers; Of the laws of nations; Of the power of the magistrate; Of the liberty of the press]. London, 1709. 8°

[TOLAND, John.] Christianity not mysterious. London, 1696. 8°

[――.] The militia reform’d, or, An easy scheme of furnishing England with a constant land-force. London, 1698. 8°

――. Anglia libera, or, The limitation and succession of the crown of England explain’d and asserted. London, 1701. 8°

――. Vindicius liberius, or, M. Toland’s defence of himself, against the late Lower House of Convocation, etc. London, 1702. 8°

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[TRENCHARD, John and Walter MOYLE.] An argument, shewing, that a standing army is inconsistent with a free government, and absolutely destructive to the constitution of the English monarchy. London, 1697. 4°

[TRENCHARD, John.] The natural history of superstition. [London], 1709. 8°

TRUSSELL, John. A continuation of the collection of the history of England, beginning where Samuel Daniell … ended, with the raigne of Edward the third, and ending where … vicount Saint Albones began, with the life of Henry the seventh. London, 1636. 2°

TURBERVILE, George. The booke of faulconrie or hauking. London, 1575. 4°

――. The noble arte of venerie or hunting. London, 1575]. 4° (These two titles probably bound together.)

TURENNE, Henri de La Tour d’Auvergne (the Younger), Viscount de [biography]. Abregé de la vie de Monsieur de Turenne, ou reflexions sur quelques affaires du temps. “Ville-Franche: C. de la Verité” [Amsterdam?], 1676. 12°

――. La vie du Vicomte de Turenne. The Hague, 1688. 12°

TURNOR, Thomas. The case of the bankers and their creditors … as it was inclosed in a letter to a friend, by a true lover of his king and countrey, and sufferer for loyalty. London, 1675. 8°

TWYSDEN, Roger. An historicall vindication of the Church of England in point of schism. London, 1657. 4°

TYRRELL, James. A brief disquisition of the law of nature, according to the principles and method laid down in the Reverend Dr. Cumberland’s … Latin treatise on that subject. As also his confutations of Mr. Hobbs’s principles put into another method. London, 1692. 8°

――. The general history of England, as well ecclesiastical as civil. London, 1696. 2°

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VENNER, Tobias. Via recta ad vitam longam, or, A plaine philosophical discourse of the nature, faculties, and effects, of all such things as by way of nourishments, and dieteticall obseruations, make for the preseruation of health, with their iust applications vnto euery age, constitution of bodie, and time of yeare. London, [unclear which of the eight editions published between 1620 and 1660]. 4°

VERNON, Christopher. Considerations for regulating the exchequer, in the more timely answering, better husbanding, and more orderly and safe conduct of the revenues of the crown into His Majesties coffers, as hath been heretofore used by sheriffes, etc. London, 1642. 8°

[VILLEDIEU, Madame de: = Marie Catherine Hortense DESJARDINS.] Les desordres de l’amour. Paris, 1676. 12°

――. Mémoires de la vie de Henriette-Sylvie de Molière. Liège, 1676. 12°

VIRGIL. The works of Virgil… Translated into English verse, by J. Dryden. London, 1697. 2°

――. The works, transl. (verse) R. Maitland, Earl of Lauderdale. London, [1709]. 8°

VOITURE, Vincent de. Les oeuvres. Paris, 1654. 4°

Waghenaer, Lucas Janszoon. The mariners mirrour, transl. A. Ashley. [London], 1588. 2° (The translator was Shaftesbury’s great-great-grandfather.)

[WALKER, Obadiah.] Of education, especially of young gentlemen. Oxford, 1673. 12°

WALKLEY, Thomas. A new catalogue of the dukes, marquesses, earls, viscounts, barons, of England, Scotland, and Ireland, with their names, sirnames, and titles of honor. London, 1652. 8°

WALL, Thomas. A Christian warning-piece for all true Protestants … Wherein is … shewed, the … causes why the Lord in former ages brought his … judgments on his own people … All which being applied to the present state of Protestants, is proved … that it is the same cause still for which the Lord is bringing his severe judgments on his Protestant people, etc. London, 1680. 4°

WALSH, Peter. A prospect of the state of Ireland: from the year of the world 1756. to the year of Christ 1652. [London], 1682. 8°

WASHINGTON, Robert. Some observations upon the ecclesiastical jurisdiction of the kings of England. London, 1689. 8°

WEBB, John. An historical essay endeavouring a probability that the language of the Empire of China is the primitive language. London, 1669. 8°

WENTWORTH, Thomas. The office and duty of executors, or, A treatise of wills and executors. London, 1663. 8°

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WHISTON, William. A short view of the chronology of the Old Testament, and of the harmony of the four evangelists. Cambridge, 1702. 4°

――. Sermons and essays upon several subjects. London, 1709. 8°

WHITBY, Daniel. Romish doctrines not from the beginning, or, A reply to what [Serenus Cressy] a Roman Catholick hath returned to Dr. Pierce’s sermon preached before His Majesty at Whitehall, in vindication of our Church against the novelties of Rome. London, 1664. 4°

――. Dos pou stô [Gk], or, An answer to Sure footing … wherein the rule and guide of faith, the interest of reason, and the authority of the Church in matters of faith, are fully handled and vindicated, from the exceptions of Mr. Serjeant, and petty flirts of Fiat lux, etc. Oxford, 1666. 8°

――. Logos tês pisteôs [Gk], or, An endeavour to evince the certainty of Christian faith in generall. Oxford, 1671. 8°

――. The absurdity and idolatry of host-worship proved, by shewing how it answers what is said in Scripture and the writtings of the Fathers, to shew the folly and idolatry committed in the worship of heathen deities, etc. London, 1679. 8°

[――.] The Protestant reconciler: humbly pleading for condescention to dissenting brethren in things indifferent and unnecessary for the sake of peace, etc. London, 1683. 8°

[――.] A treatise of traditions. London, 1688. 4°

WHITE, Jeremiah. A perswasive to moderation and forbearance in love among the divided forms of Christians. London, 1708. 8°

WHITE, Thomas. The grounds of obedience and government. London, 1655. 12°

WHITEHALL, John. The Leviathan found out, or, The answer to Mr. Hobbes’s ‘Leviathan’, in that which my Lord of Clarendon hath past over. London, 1679. 8°

[WHITELOCKE, Bulstrode.] Memorials of the English affairs, or, An historical account of what passed from the beginning of the reign of King Charles I. to King Charles II. his happy restauration. London, 1682. 2°

WICQUEFORT, Abraham de. L’ambassadeur et ses fonctions. The Hague, 1682. 4°

WILKINS, John. An essay towards a real character, and a philosophical language. London, 1668. 2°

WILKINSON, John. A treatise … concerning the office and authorities of coroners and sherifes. London, 1638. 8°

[WILLIAM I, Prince of Orange.] A iustification or cleering of the Prince of Orendge agaynst the false sclaunders, wherewith his ilwillers goe about to charge him wrongfully. Translated out of French by Arthur Goldyng. London, [1575]. 4°

[WILLIAM III, King of England.] A collection of state tracts, publish’d on occasion of the late revolution in 1688 and during the reign of King William III. London, 1705-07. 2°

WILSON, Arthur. The history of Great Britain, being the life and reign of King James the First, relating to what passed from his first access to the crown, till his death. London, 1653. 2°

WINGATE, Edmund. Maximes of reason, or, The reason of the common law of England. London, 1658. 2°

――. An exact abridgement of all statutes in force and use. London, 1655. 8°

――. [Another edition.] London, 1684. 8°

WISE, Thomas. A confutation of the reason and philosophy of atheism: being in a great measure either an abridgment or an improvement of what Dr. Cudworth offer’d to that purpose in his ‘True intellectual system of the universe’. London, 1706. 4°

WITSEN, Nicolaas. Aeloude en hedendaegsche scheeps-bouw en bestier. Amsterdam, 1671. 2°

WITTY, Robert. Scarbrough Spaw, or, A description of the nature and vertues of the spaw at Scarbrough in Yorkshire. Also a treatise of the nature and use of water in general, and the several sorts thereof, etc. London, 1660. 8°

[WOLFGANG, Abraham?] Les principes de la geographie methodiquement expliquez, pour donner une idee generale de toutes les parties de l’univers. Amsterdam, 1692. 12°

WOOD, Lambert [Lambert van den Bos]. Florus Anglicus, or, An exact history of England from the reign of William the Conquerour to the death of Charles the I. London, 1657. 8°

WOTTON, William. Reflections upon ancient and modern learning: To which is now added a defense thereof, in answer to the objections of Sir W. Temple, and others, etc. London, 1705. 8°

WREN, Matthew. Monarchy asserted, or, The state of monarchicall & popular government in vindication of the considerations upon Mr. Harrington’s Oceana. Oxford, 1659. 8°

WRIGHT, John Michael. Ragguaglio delle solenne comparsa, fatta in Roma gli otto di gennaio 1687, dall’illustrissimo, … conte di Castelmaine ambasciadore straordinario, etc. Rome, 1687. 2°

WYNDHAM, Anne. Claustrum regale reseratum, or, The kinges concealment at Trent. London, 1667. 4°

XENOPHON. Les choses mémorables de Socrate, transl. F. Charpentier (with Charpentier’s Vie de Socrate). Paris, 1650. 8°

――. Le festin de Xenophon, transl. T. Le Fèvre. Saumur, 1665. 12°

――. A discourse upon improving the revenue of the State of Athens, transl. W. Moyle. London, 1697. 8°

YARRANTON, Andrew. England’s improvement by sea and land. London, 1677. 4°

ZOUCH, Richard. The jurisdiction of the admiralty of England asserted against Sr. Edward Coke’s Articuli admiralitatis, in XXII chapter of his jurisdiction of courts. London, 1663. 8°