2015 Conference

2015 Conference: Academic Programme

Thursday, 23 July 2015 

09.00-09.15 Welcome addresses (Lord and Lady Shaftesbury, Patrick Müller)
and preliminaries
Section 1 – The First Earl of Shaftesbury
09.20-09.45 Andrew Agha, Columbia

Agents, Africans and Agriculture on the Ashley: The First Earl of Shaftesbury’s Presence on Carolina’s Colonial Frontier

09.50-10.15 John Spurr, Swansea

John Locke’s “Memoir” of the First Earl of Shaftesbury

10.15-10.30 Discussion
10.30-10.45 Coffee break
Section 2 – Locke and the Earls of Shaftesbury
01.35-02.00 Nigel Smith, Princeton
Whig Wit: Political Theory, Poetry and Sociability from Marvell to Toland
02.05-02.30 Lawrence E. Klein, Cambridge
Cultural Patronage as Politics in the Age of Shaftesbury
02.35-03.00  Jonathan Israel, Princeton
Shaftesbury as a Radical Opponent of Hobbes and Locke
03.00-03.15 Discussion
03.15-03.45 Coffee break
Section 4 – The Third Earl of Shaftesbury: Philosophical Issues
03.50-04.15 Laurent Jaffro, Paris
The Third Earl of Shaftesbury on the Analogy between Political and Psychological Balances
04.20-04.45 Jacob Sider Jost, Carlisle
Shaftesbury’s Interests
04.50-05.15 David Alvarez, Greencastle
Shaftesbury’s Non-Secular Cosmopolitanism
05.15-05.30 Discussion


Friday, 24 July 2015


Section 1 – The Third Earl of Shaftesbury: Political Issues
09.05-09.30 Patrick Müller, Idar-Oberstein Manus haec inimica tyrannis: Lord Ashley and the Republican Project of the Late 1690s
09.35-10.00 Angela Taraborrelli, Rome

Political Liberty in Lord Shaftesbury

10.05-10.30 Ashley Walsh, Cambridge

The Third Earl of Shaftesbury in the Context of the Long Reformation

10.30-10.45 Discussion
10.45-11.00 Coffee break
Section 2 – The Third Earl of Shaftesbury: Religious Issues
01.35-02.00 William Molesworth, Dublin

The Third Earl of Shaftesbury and John Molesworth: “Honesty, Candour, & Amor Patriae”

02.05-02.30 James Pratt, Toronto

“Virtue Pointing to Her Rugged Mountain”: Shaftesbury in Early America

02.30-02.45 Discussion
02.45-03.15 Coffee break
Section 4 – The Third Earl of Shaftesbury and the British Novel


FESTIVAL DAY Saturday, 25 July 2015

This festival of history, philosophy, and literature is designed to bridge the gap between the long eighteenth century and our time. Hopefully, it will become clear that debates in which the first and third Earls of Shaftesbury were involved are still relevant today and that learning from the past is much more important for shaping humane societies than is generally thought.

09.00 Admission
09.50-10.00 Welcome address
10.00-10.45  Lawrence E. Klein: “Philosophy and the Public in the Eighteenth Century and Beyond”
11.00-12.15 Round table 1: “Freedom in a Fanatic Age” (Chair Jenni Mills)

Deals with the responsibilities of writers, and the moral aspects of freedom of expression, including self censorship, and “gatekeeper” censorship [publishers, agents etc]. How far is it the duty of the writer of fiction (different from the writer of, say, history) to tell lies in order to reach a “truth” that might direct and improve society?

12.15-13.30 Break and lunch
13.30-14.15 Jonathan Israel: “Shaftesbury, a pre-eminent Philosopher of the Early Enlightenment”
14.30-15.45 Round table 2: “Writing and Change” (Chair Lawrence E. Klein)


Deals with personal change in individual readers, and social change. Broaches the age old question “how should we live”, and the ways in which society chooses to use literature for good or ill. Is it an individual, personal experience – or can writing change society? What are the limits, if any, for literature, in comparison with “factual” writing?

16.00-17.00 Suzannah Fleming: guided tour of St Giles’s Park and Gardens