Constructionist Approaches to Syntax



Time and place

  • Mo 10:15-11:45, Room KH 1.014 ICS

Students will give a presentation and write a term paper.

In case of online teaching: Since it is one of the major aims of a seminar to have discussions with your peers, you will be expected to participate in online classes with a working camera and microphone.


Many traditional approaches to syntax posit a clear-cut division between lexicon and grammar. In those theories, everything that can be covered by rules is found in the grammar and all the exceptions in the lexicon. Construction Grammar gives up the division between lexicon and grammar and treats everything as constructions, pairs of form and meaning/function, thus also accounting for larger units of meaning which cannot be grasped satisfactorily by concepts such as phraseologism or collocation. In this seminar we will follow the development of Construction Grammar ranging from 1988 (Fillmore et al. on let alone) to recent influential accounts such as Goldberg (2006, 2019).

Additional information

Expected participants: 20