PS/MS Politics & Culture: "Women’s Movements and Feminism(s) in the United States"



Time and place


  • BA American Studies Variante: Import-Kombi-Modul Politics & Culture (Präsentation mit Ausarbeitung, 15 min., 5 Seiten)

  • BA American Studies Variante: Zwischenmodul II (Hausarbeit, 10-12 Seiten)

  • BA English and American Studies: Zwischenmodul II Culture (Hausarbeit, 10-12 Seiten)


This seminar will give an overview of the history of women's movements and feminism in the United States from the mid-19th century until today. We will learn how women have fought for equal rights, personal autonomy, and political, economic, and sexual emancipation by studying a variety of texts written by activists, artists, journalists, and scholars. The seminar traces different feminist and women's movements, collectivities, and ideologies that developed parallel or in conflict with each other. It will challenge the perception of feminism as a homogenous movement based on a universal experience of womanhood and pay close attention to the differences created by class, race, and sexuality.

Additional information

Expected participants: 20