Stephen Koetzing, M.A.

Dissertation Project

Am Ende: Alter(n) und hegemoniale Maskulinität im zeitgenössischen US-amerikanischen Roman

Research Interests

Gender and Masculinity Studies
Age Studies
Postmodern American Fiction
Border Studies
Historical Metafiction and Alternate Histories

Service to the Profession

  • journal manager and co-editor of  COPAS: Current Objectives of Postgraduate American Studies  (since 2015)
  • member of the 2013/14 PGF team; co-organizer of the 2013 Postgraduate Forum of the GAAS at FAU Erlangen-Nürnberg and of the “PGF Workshop” at the 61st Annual Conference of the GAAS at Würzburg, June 2014 (with Cedric Essi and Monika Sauter)


Journal Articles

Book Contributions


  • Aufbauseminar Culture
  • Lektürekurs American Civilization
  • Lektürekurs (Lehramt, nicht vertieft)
  • Kombiseminar: Linguistic Varieties and Cultural Difference
  • Politics of Masculinity (PS)
  • Masculinities in Contemporary US-American Literature and Culture  (PS)
  • Writing the Nation in the 21st Century (PS)
  • The US-Mexico Border in Literature and Culture (PS)
  • The West in Fiction (PS)
  • Other Americas: Alternate Histories and the United States (PS)
  • Brückenkurs: American Studies Recap